Kamal Bell

Kamal Bell is a teacher, father, husband, farmer, and doctoral student. His interest in farming was cultivated early on in life as he always maintained a passion for the outdoors and animals. While working on his bachelor’s degree he was fortunate enough to be given various management opportunities at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State’s University farm. Upon graduation and the birth of his first son he was able to enroll and complete the Masters of Science program obtaining his degree in Agricultural Education. When he began teaching agriculture in Durham Public Schools he started a garden and noticed that a specific demographic gravitated toward the work. Students who are on the at possibility spectrum would use the incentive of working in the garden to improve their behavior and obtain higher grades. During that time Kamal applied to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency beginner farmer program to purchase his first farm. Since the farm has existed he, along with Marcus Miller, have run a youth education program. Sankofa Farms aims to educate at possibility black males on how to solve the issue of food insecurity. The mission of Sankofa Farms is to provide healthy food alternatives to food deserts in African American populations.